iTero® Digital Scanning

Our dentist, Dr. Benjamin Stevens, and our team use iTero® digital scanning in San Clemente, California, to better understand your smile and oral needs. iTero digital scanning provides a more comfortable and accurate alternative to “goopy” physical impressions and helps us plan the best treatments for your smile.

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What is iTero digital scanning?

An iTero scanner is a handheld scanning wand that our dentist and team will use to capture detailed and accurate images of your mouth in order to create a 3D model that we can examine later. The scanning process itself is very simple. As we pass the wand over your teeth, the scanner will capture up to 20 images per second, in full, accurate color. At the same time, those images are sent directly to our computer to create an immediate model of your mouth after a single scan.

Unlike traditional methods, using an iTero scanner helps our team explain your treatment plan to you with clear visuals, keep your dental records accessible for you and your insurance company, and avoid the need for messy impressions.

How can our team use this technology to help your smile?

In addition to the quick and comfortable scanning process, iTero technology also allows our team to make more accurate diagnoses for your smile, since the full color images allow us to better identify healthy and diseased tissue. We can find cavities and plaque build-up and identify crowding or other orthodontic issues. With these informed diagnoses, we can create more effective treatment plans and even predict what the end result of your treatment will be using the 3D model of your mouth.

If you are in need of an oral appliance or restoration, such as a retainer or dental bridge, our team can also use this 3D model to ensure those restorations will fit and function well with your preexisting tooth structure. It can also track your progress over a long-term treatment, such as braces or a clear aligner treatment.

How long does a digital scan take?

The entire scan only takes a few minutes, depending on the clarity of the images captured. Even if a second scan is needed, the process is faster and more convenient than traditional X-rays.

How safe is 3D digital scanning?

iTero digital scanning is completely safe, and uses no radiation to complete.